WoW: NPCs That Upgrade Items For Valor Points

WoW: NPCs That Upgrade Items For Valor Points

As of today, you can upgrade your newly acquired items from mythical dungeons for valor points in WoW Shadowlands. You can find the NPC for this in Oribos at the coordinates 34.7 / 56.5. For everyone without a coordinate add-on: The intermediary is called Aggressor Zo’dash and is in Oribos in the west at “The Enclave”. This is where you can take your PvP quests every week and upgrade PvP items. But you can also just go to your pact sanctuary and speak to the NPC for pact item upgrades. The whereabouts of the NPCs for pact upgrades can be found in the following table:

  • NPC name pact sanctum coordinates
  • Blacksmith Neptira Elysian Feasts 57.1 / 30.9
  • Avenger Araya Seat of Primus 57.3 / 48.6
  • Mar’lan Heart of the Forest 46 / 56.4
  • Gregory the pale blade fall from sin 70.6 / 24.8

Aggressor Zo’dash now simply takes on both jobs: PvP and PvE upgrades. Simply put the item you want in the window and press Upgrade at the bottom right (if possible). If your Mythic Plus item cannot be upgraded, it is because, as I said, you have not yet found the item again or have not yet achieved the necessary success. In order to be able to upgrade an item up to item level 207, you must have achieved the achievement for all Mythic Plus dungeons to +5 or higher. If you want to upgrade items to item level 213 or even 220, you must have completed all Mythic Plus dungeons to +10 or +15 in that time. In the following you can see how many Valor Points you need for the respective upgrades.

  • Off-hand items, shields, rings, wrists, necks, cloaks: 250 bravery points
  • Jewelery, belts, shoulder pieces, gloves, boots: 400 bravery points
  • Helmet, leg armor, chest armor: 475 valor points
  • One-handed weapons with mobility: 500 points of valor
  • One-handed weapons with intelligence: 750 points of valor
  • One-handed weapons with strength: still unknown (either 500 or 750 bravery points)
  • Two-handed weapons: 1,000 bravery points

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(Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)